Are you ready to bounce back?

As we slowly transition into a ‘new normal’ with regards to the way we work and how we are addressing issues that arise from this change, it’s important to take a step back and look at the buying decisions we’ve made during the peak of the pandemic and whether we are ready to bounce back.

Out of fear of losing control of our businesses and livelihoods, our buying habits have completely changed and we have all been forced to make purchases based on what we needed at the time – whether it be toilet roll or hand sanitiser through to costly ‘ad-hoc’ IT support as a solution to help you move from your desk to your dining room table during lock-down.

However, now that we are coming into a more stable situation, businesses should be looking back on what we ‘panic bought’; are they sustainable or efficient?

Now is the time to prepare to bounce back!

Take a look at your disaster recovery plans, many of which were developed with a forced hand in a time of panic and uncertainty, and identify the way your company works – is it where you need it to be for you to bounce back from this pandemic?

The primary focus is no longer about what you need for your business to survive here and now… but what you WILL need to land out of this crisis on two feet.

Understandably, each business will have its own requirements, depending on their current systems. However, we have put together a few aspects of new business models that you may want to consider:

Pegasus Opera 3’s Online Timesheets and Document Management

Why not save time, hassle, and the planet?


Opera 3’s Document Management captures all your essential business documents and stores them electronically - enabling instant access to all employees with access to the software. Eliminate the need to print from your home or your office. Save space, resource and eradicate any ‘lost paper’ issues.

Online Timesheets are available via Pegasus Web Xchange – reducing the need for spreadsheets and paperwork and offering a much more environmentally friendly approach to day-to-day activities. Crucially, they are quick and easy to use - so HR can use their time more productively.


VoIP systems (such as 3CX)

‘Be in when you’re out’.



There are a multitude of benefits to using a 3CX VOIP system within your workplace, including the opportunity to dramatically reduce traffic through your IP address. The system allows all users to work from anywhere, at any time! This allows for remote working within the business as the system does not require any specific hardware; users can connect via any telephony device, as well as apps available to PCs, tablets and mobile phones.




CloudServer Back-ups

Save yourself the worry of remembering to do physical server/data back-ups!


With many businesses now working remotely, it can be difficult to check that your backup is running successfully – especially if your business' premises are now closed.

Whilst we understand that there has been a big change in your normal working routine - it’s still vital that your server and its data are fully protected.

With this in mind, if you are still using an external hard drive system to back up your server; now might be the right time to consider our fully automated backup solution – leaving you with one less thing to worry about, whilst ensuring that your server and data are secure.




Scientific screenReview your systems

Now is the perfect opportunity to review your current systems and providers.


Are you getting the support you need?

Did your IT provider help you in your time of need?

Are they dedicated to ensure you don’t pay through the roof when ‘things’ happen out of your control?

If you would like to have a chat with our team about your data protection, back ups, software systems, or entire IT systems, please get in touch by clicking here or calling 01562 68211.