Cyber Security – The Next Generation

Introducing SentinelOne® - End Point Detection and Response (EDR).

SentinelOne® is a next generation anti-virus solution, called Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to look at the behaviour of your system, rather than just relying on identifying known threats and viruses.

Tomorrow’s threats require more advanced capabilities! Use just one platform to prevent, detect, respond, and proactively hunt.

What It Does:

SentinelOne IconEND POINT PROTECTION - It detects high-velocity threats by using AI and self-learning technology to recognise patterns in system behaviour that correlate to potential viruses, malware and trojans that are as yet unknown.

SentinelOne IconDETECTION AND RESPONSE - SentinelOne® is able to continue operating without an Internet connection, therefore it can identify a potential breach, disconnect itself from the main system and then concentrate on destroying infection or at least quarantining it quickly before it can do more serious and wide-spread damage.

How you'll benefit:

  • ACT QUICK! - Undetected, viruses can quickly spread through a business’s computer systems, taking your entire network down and causing a complete interruption in all of operations. The faster that you can act upon a threat, the better chance you have of damage limitation!
  • ENTERPRISE PROVEN - SentinelOne® has built solutions to meet your organisation’s infrastructure needs. Scalable, Cloud and On-Premise Management.
  • CERTIFIED AND RECOGNISED - This solution is highly compliant within the security industry and chosen by global industry leaders for use within their businesses.

For more information click here to watch our video '5 reasons why you should be using SentinelOne®'.Otherwise contact our sales team on 0156268211.

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