How are you adapting to remote work?

It’s a very interesting time for businesses at the moment, particularly for those who have been forced to move to a remote working model. At Minster, we understand the vital importance of communication, both internally and externally, during such challenging and uncertain conditions. We have been taking full advantage of the technologies available, and as a Microsoft Partner, we have naturally been using the tools readily available to us such as Microsoft Teams. This ensures our communication and operations are as efficient as they would be if we were all still in the office; allowing us to be there, ready and able, to support our customers. With this in mind, we have been urging our customers to follow suit and use those tools when needed to ensure remote working is as effective as possible.

For those of you working at home, we’ve put together some top tips on how you can adapt and work effectively from your home:

  • Allow yourself time in the morning to get washed and dressed, it will improve your mental well-being and help you to get into ‘work mode’.
  • Maintain contact with your colleagues over the phone or video call in order to reduce any feelings of isolation; Take advantage of technologies available to you, such as Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, or a VOIP system such as 3CX which allows for easy call answer and transfer via mobile devices so a call from your customer or supplier isn’t missed.
  • Make sure that you are finding time to take regular short breaks to get some fresh air, stretch your legs and make yourself a drink; as you would in the office.
  • Ensure that you are fully utilising the variety of tools available to you, such as Pegasus Opera 3’s Mobile Sales App, that allows you to access key customer data from your mobile device.
  • Establish boundaries between your working and living space (where possible), and make sure you turn off all devices at the time you would usually leave the office!

It is vital for businesses to come together at times like these in order to support each other and we want to make it clear that we are here to offer as much support as possible for other businesses that may need our advice or expertise. Whether you’re a customer or not, feel free to contact our team to talk about your remote working situation and how we can help keep your business going through these challenging times; we are happy to help!

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