How Much Downtime Can Your Business Afford?

We are sure that you have heard it all before… ‘Cybercrime is on the rise’.CYBER SECURITY - SECURING YOUR IT TECHNOLOGY

It can be really difficult to justify spending time and money on putting software and policies in place to ensure your business is secure from cyber related crimes, especially if you haven’t been affected by hacks and data breaches in the past.

Nevertheless, your chances of remaining safe, without any products or procedures in place, are very slim. According to the latest government figures, ‘Almost half of businesses (46%) reported having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

Can your business realistically continue to operate without any of your IT systems?  

Cyber breaches and hacks are disguised in highly advanced ways and often you will not notice this breach until it is too late and your system is down. This downtime can be highly costly in both time and money. The inability to send and receive emails alone can have a detrimental affect to the ways in which you can communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers alike.

However, there ARE ways in which you can prevent this!

As a Cyber Essentials accredited partner, Minster offer a variety of solutions within our Sentinel Care range that can provide advanced layers of cyber security to your business.

These products include:

  • Sentinel Mail Protect – This is our comprehensive hosted anti-spam, email security and continuity service. It provides three key services for you; email outage protection, access to emails during system downtime and spam filtering.
  • Sentinel Web Protect – This Web Filter limits access to websites that could potentially harm your computer and allows you to control the sites that are most convenient for your workplace and PC.
  • Sentinel Antivirus – Minster’s managed antivirus engine monitors, manages, reports and automatically fixes threats with quick, customisable scans in real time.
  • Sentinel Managed Back Up – Sentinel Managed Online-Backup allows you to backup and retrieve all your important files, databases and emails safely; eliminating the need to rely solely on backup tapes or disks.
  • DUO (Multifactor Authentication) – This software provides another layer of security when logging into your business’ IT systems, making the chances of physical breaches less likely.

For more information regarding our cyber security products and services, join us for our Cyber Security webinar on Thursday 27th May.

We will be outlining the benefits of these products as well as highlighting the importance of keeping your working day secure online. If you can’t make it but would like to have a recording of the webinar, email

For more details on the products and services Minster offer to keep your business secure, contact us.

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