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You know your trade – and we know ours. We have a great deal of experience where our speciality can impact positively on your business. Let us help you reap the rewards of first class IT. Our consultancy services assist new and existing clients in the development of internal business systems, with the emphasis on accounting and IT procedures.



Our experience has shown that we can drastically reduce the repetition of data input in your systems as well as significantly reducing unnecessary paperwork and reports. Modern software and hardware offers enormous efficiencies and benefits to your business – providing you know what there is and how to use it.
Systems consultancy is available from our Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Certified System Engineers.


Offering incomparable support, Minster can ensure you reach your business goals with cover to suit you and your business need. The Minster technical team comprises experienced hardware and software specialists who are accredited by Microsoft and Pegasus offering expert training plans. The software team also includes staff who are CIMA and AAT qualified as well as being fully accredited for Pegasus Opera 3 Accounts and Payroll software solutions.



Our cyber security products will give you the best chance to ward off any threats that can be costly to your business. From patch management to minimise vunerabilities to disaster recovery solutions should your system fall victim of cyber crime.Training also assists in formulating daily and monthly operating procedures including the critical area of security and backups. The emphasis for our training schedules is real-world accounting and IT procedures. Trained staff are more confident, more efficient, more productive and less prone to make costly errors!


As more and more online services become mainstream and many software services become ‘cloud computing’ aware we are keen to invest and embrace in the technologies that bring all the advantages of internet based working can bring. From hosted servers, hosted email systems and hosted software, we have the options available to you – even as a hybrid option. We also provide various ‘cloud’ based monitoring and diagnostic tools to help maintain the stability of your network infrastructure.

Minster understand that the core of every successful business is a hardware system that is robust, reliable and resourceful. We supply, implement and provide the best possible support and security for your IT infrastructure.

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