Minster’s Tech Tip of the Month – January ✨

Clipboard History for Windows Machines

Everybody knows that CTRL+C allows you to copy and CTRL+V allows you to paste any information from text to images (and if you didn’t, you are WELCOME!) However, did you know that there is a handy feature within Windows that enables you to view your clipboard history?!

This means that rather than only being able to have one item on your clipboard at a time, you can now keep track of multiple items within your clipboard and recall/use them at any time!

Simply type ‘Clipboard Settings’ into your Windows search bar and select the first option – then turn on the option for clipboard history!

Minster's Tech Tip of the Month -January

Next time that you need to copy and paste, use CTRL+C and then WIN+V to paste (Windows button +V) and your list of copied items will appear for you to choose the items you to wish to paste!

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