National Apprenticeship Week: The Importance of Creating Opportunities!

National Apprenticeship Week offers an opportunity to shine a light on the fantastic opportunities that apprenticeships bring to individuals who are looking to learn new skills and build a new career; as well as a bringing a multitude of benefits to your business!

Minster have always embraced the concept of apprenticeships within our workplace. We feel that young people bring a plethora of talent and enthusiasm to a business. The recruitment of young people has always been a challenge for companies due to their shortage of experience; nevertheless, this cannot be used as an excuse to not take a chance on an individual with clear potential. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a very serious issue within employment opportunities for people of all ages. Young people in particular will have an exceptionally difficult time when finding employment due to the sheer amount of applications that will be received for vacancies; they will be up against individuals with vast amounts of skills and experience. During a time of economic uncertainty, apprenticeships offer an ideal opportunity to earn money whilst also learning a new skill set that can set someone up for their future career.

Here at Minster, we have seen the ways in which apprenticeships can allow young people to flourish. Some of our current staff have been here for over 5 years, starting as apprentices and working their way up to roles of great skill and responsibility! We offer our apprentices the opportunity to share their ideas within the business and have found that they have a fantastic ability to showcase their own views upon new and innovative technologies! The fresh outlook upon business technologies that younger people bring, has allowed Minster to stay in touch with technological developments that have brought about tremendous results throughout the entire business.

Alex Humphrey started with us in 2015, studying for a Level 3 IT apprenticeship. Following the completion of his course, Alex became a much-valued member of our hardware and infrastructure team and now holds the position of Work-flow Coordinator for our entire service delivery department!

Jordan Duffy joined the Minster team in 2016 as an IT apprentice. Following the completion of his course, he joined our software and applications team and is now a highly skilled engineer with a vast knowledge of Pegasus software.

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