Never miss an opportunity with an integrated CRM System!

The sales team at Minster understand the importance of an easy-to-use CRM system. Let's face it, having a fully integrated system in place allows employees to be more productive and can save a lot of company time.

Pegasus Opera 3's CRM utility is a centralised database that allows you to store prospect, customer and supplier data securely as well as log all communication and track activities in a productive manner. The system integrates with Opera 3 Financials and Supply Chain applications to give you clear visibility across your business.

We're all guilty of appointments or follow ups slipping our mind from time to time which is why Pegasus CRM has an active alerts tool, enabling you to set reminders so you haven't got to worry about missing an opportunity. The system takes care of all the finer details for you, meaning you can concentrate on closing those all important business deals. The module also includes an easy reporting tool, allowing you to report on sales pipeline and forecast effectively. The reporting feature fully integrates with Microsoft Excel to give you flexibility over your reports. As well as helping to manage sales pipeline, the CRM system also takes care of your service management and helpdesk management. This allows your business to track upcoming opportunities, right the way through to providing them with customer support and account management.

Wouldn't it be more efficient if you could store all of your sales and marketing efforts in one place? Opera 3 CRM helps you to improve your business potential with its integration with Microsoft Outlook. This means marketing teams are able to send e-shots and import incoming e-mails to the CRM utility. The system also makes it easy to do mail merges and it can generate mail shots for specific contacts or groups. This improves the visibility for sales and marketing teams working together as it improves the visibility and communication between the teams.