Entering A New Age Of Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the primary focus of most, if not all, decisions throughout 2020, and will certainly influence most aspects of life for the foreseeable future.

The unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has left a lot of businesses in a very difficult situation with regards to how they can operate when premises have been forced to close. This change in their working model has forced companies to take a look at their IT infrastructure; particularly the software available to them that has allowed them to continue working.

We are now entering a new age of technology.

This leads us to some much bigger questions for the future… What happens now? Will this increased dependency on technology continue? How many companies will choose to make their new remote working model a permanent fixture?

These questions all link to further considerations that need to be addressed within the internal structure of a company as many matters need to be taken into consideration when adapting to the new ‘tech-based’ approach. The primary notion that needs to be addressed is whether your company will be ‘left behind’ if it does not adapt to this new world.

For example, Microsoft have seen a huge increase in the amount of subscriptions being taken out or upgraded to include the use of Microsoft Teams; many meetings have been forced to move to this platform due to the sudden impossibility of face to face contact. This could become the newer, more efficient way of having meetings to maintain communication with customers, colleagues and suppliers – are you prepared for that?

‘There’s simply too much to think about’

We understand that this may seem like an overwhelming concept, particularly to those who may have been holding on to a more ‘on-premise’ IT infrastructure.

This is where your IT support becomes vital. With so many other fundamental matters to consider in your business as well as your IT, it is difficult to know whether you are covering all bases as well as making the all the right choices for YOUR company’s needs. Minster can help with these major decisions and ensure that you are ‘kept in the loop’ with all of these technological advancements – as well as ensuring you are prepared should this type of incident happen again.

Minster work hard to cater to all needs; however big or small. We pride ourselves in creating bespoke solutions to fit your specific requirements.

We are keen to eliminate the added pressure of this new technological age from your current list of problems; let us help you!

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