Improve your business with Opera 3 and Business Intelligence

Optimise Your Business with Opera 3

In today’s modern business environment, it’s paramount for a company to work seamlessly and efficiently. As a provider of IT software and systems for over 40 years, we take pride in the products that we offer and have countless customers who have reaped the benefits from the business intelligence tools that are available in our flagship product, Pegasus Opera 3.

What is Pegasus Opera 3?

Pegasus Opera 3 is ERP software that has the ability to adapt according to your business needs. The integrated software solution allows fluidity to evolve with the ever-changing requirements of your business whilst also allowing room for growth. Opera 3 has varying additional products for full integration such as Payroll and HR, eliminating the need for separate finance, CRM and supply chain systems.

Opera 3’s business intelligence tools allow you and your employees to have quick access to a complete view of your business. One of these key tools is the intuitive award-winning XRL reporting tool which allows seamless integration between your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Opera 3. When using XRL, connections can be created with your live Opera 3 data as well as the cells in your spreadsheets, so that reports (such as your profit and loss and balance sheets) are constantly met with accurate and up to date information.

Easy Data Access and Reporting

XRL will also save your business time and ensure your data is kept accurate by eliminating manual entry and providing you with an accurate, easy to digest view of your business. You can also use this reporting tool to provide your key members of staff analysis of performances and the real-time information that’s important to them.

Pegasus’ integrated business intelligence tools are an effective way to fulfil your business reporting requirements whilst also saving you and your business time and money ultimately. Take the effort and time out of manually inputting your data and get back to what you ultimately want to do – growing and developing your employees and company.