The Importance of Having Total IT support!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have had an issue with your IT but weren't sure which IT contract it fell under?

More companies involved in your IT systems = More problems!

When a number of different external companies are involved in managing your IT, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which company can help with an issue that may arise. This often means that you’ll call one supplier and they’ll tell you to call the other… a process that can be both stressful and expensive in time and resources!

Here at Minster, we can support your entire IT system, from Infrastructure to ERP, Payroll to VoIP and everything in between.

There are a multitude of benefits to having all of your tech support ‘under one roof’, some of the matters you should consider include:



Having separate suppliers for different areas of your IT systems can prove costly. You can reduce your costs by bringing all of your support under one contract – also making it a lot easier to keep track of your IT budget.



Think about how much time you could save by speaking to one IT company for all of your IT queries…Rather than playing telephone tennis between disparate IT companies (as well as the complications with permissions that this can bring!) - your query will be handled in a much more efficient manner when you bring your contracts to a total IT support provider like Minster.



Having a complete IT solution ensures that your business can run to its full efficiency; allowing for full integration across all areas of your organization. Having a dedicated to team to offer you advice on areas that can be improved or new technologies that are available allows us to know your business inside out – making us confident in knowing what your infrastructure system will allow and what  software will help your business reach it’s goals.


By bringing all your IT under one roof, we are able to provide total and in-depth training to your teams. Not only do we pride ourselves in our IT Support and our customer service, we also offer on-going in-house training programs, to ensure that all of your staff are using your IT systems to the best of their ability. Trained staff are more confident, more efficient, more productive and less prone to make costly errors!

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