How Valuable Is Your IT Support Contract?

Let’s be honest, we often rely on Google when issues occur that stop us from completing our day-to-day tasks. How much time do you think we waste searching the internet for answers rather than getting the help and support we need?

When it comes to IT, it’s often difficult knowing who to turn to when things go wrong and before you know it, you’ve wasted an hour of your day watching 5 YouTube videos and trawling through 10+ websites looking for an answer (and that’s before you’ve even attempted to fix the issues yourself). At Minster, we know as a business you have much more important things to spend your time on as the working day goes by so quickly. That’s why it’s crucial for you to have a dedicated IT team on hand to fix your systems the moment anything goes wrong.

Having a reliable IT support contract in place gives your company the peace of mind that there is always someone overseeing your systems. At Minster, we pride ourselves on being pro-active when it comes to technical support. That’s why we offer a range of Sentinel products that allow us to monitor your systems in real-time and fix issues before you’re even aware of the fault. Take hard drives as an example, with Sentinel Remote Server Monitoring on your contract, we are able to spot a hard drive failure and order you a new one before you even noticed.

A strong support contract can assist in a number of areas across your IT network and whether you’ll decide to pay monthly or annually for it, your contract will prove profitable due to the costs it will save you in the long-run. If we look back to the cyber-attacks that hit in 2017, particularly the NHS, businesses across the UK lost billions of pounds in total that could potentially have been saved if the right IT measures were put in place to begin with.

Minster offer services such as Sentinel Web-Protect to limit the websites that employees can access to both improve productivity, but more importantly to protect against websites that pose a threat to your systems. Sentinel Mail-Protect allows us to also place protective spam filters on your emails, allowing us to monitor incoming emails and remove them before they put your network at risk. You can read more about trending fraudulent emails here.

Support contracts can come in a number of different shapes and sizes - tailor made to your specific business requirements. Minster offer telephone, email, remote and onsite support to keep your IT equipment running smoothly with no faults. You decide what you’d like us to support, from your PC’S and servers to Microsoft Office, you can add whatever you like to your contract and this can always be modified whenever you need it to be. We like to think of ourselves as a remote addition to your team.

Your IT support contract is invaluable to your business and can cut time, costs and headaches. Don’t put your business at risk, protect it and provide yourself with pain-free IT. For more information on our support contracts and Sentinel products please email us at or call 01562 68211.