What does the Russia-Ukraine crisis mean for the world of Cyber Security?

The growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine are currently a cause for widespread concern across the globe. The fears of uncertainty and unrest, along with the worry for the health and safety of loved ones who live or work in these regions, quite rightly leaves everybody on edge whilst we wait for events to unfold.

Alongside these concerns, what impact could this crisis have upon UK businesses?

The economic sanctions that are now being put in place against Russia are almost certainly going to have a knock-on effect for our day-to-day lives. One of the most concerning possibilities for those in the IT industry, as well as any business in the UK, is that of Cyber warfare.

Our modern business operations are heavily dependent on our systems and software, both of which can be incredibly vulnerable when not protected as much as possible from foreign infiltration. Hackers are becoming increasingly inventive in the ways in which they are able to gain access to business systems and data.

Looking back over the past 2 decades, there have been a multitude of cyber attacks, many originating from Russian hackers; from the shut down of media organisations in 2007, to the more severe ‘WannaCry’ attacks in 2014 which attacked the databases of the health service within the UK, leaving many doctors unable to access vital records and information for a prolonged period of time.

So, what can we do to protect ourselves and limit the potential for disaster within our own businesses?

Your cyber security needs to be up to scratch. We can no longer depend on traditional anti-virus software to protect our systems.

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee total protection from cybercrime. Nevertheless, there are several products available that can provide you with advanced protection when you need it most!

Some of Minster’s key Cyber Security products include:

SentinelOne® - a next generation anti-virus solution that uses Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). sentinelone icon 1It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to look at the behaviour of your system, rather than just relying on identifying known threats and viruses.



CYBER SECURITY - SECURING YOUR IT TECHNOLOGYMinster's Patch Management - By proactively patching applications, operating systems and software, patch management can help minimize the number of vulnerabilities in your systems that may be considered open opportunities for hackers.



CLOUD, REMOTE WORKING ICONOnline Backup and Disaster Recovery - It is vital to have a reliable back up solution and disaster recovery plan in place in the unfortunate case that your business is affected by a cyber attack. Minster's solutions can offer you peace of mind that your systems will be able to recover as quickly as possible so that you can resume normal working routine. 

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