Why Is Patch Management So Important?

As part of our proactive Cyber Security and Patch Management service, Minster provide ongoing security and patch management deployment to your server(s).

What does this mean?

Unpatched systems and applications can easily become security risks. It is common for hackers to exploit potential vulnerabilities before new patches and updates can be released and successfully deployed.

Since many end users simply click “Ignore” when a program suggests a new update, patching may not be regularly accomplished - and most servers only have the option for these to be applied when things go wrong and a reboot is required.

Generally, businesses then find that there isn’t time for that reboot or fix to happen as “down-time is money” (as these can take many hours to apply if they haven’t been updated for some time).

By proactively patching applications, operating systems and software, patch management can help minimize the number of vulnerabilities available to hackers.

Prevention is far better than cure; by applying the latest patches and security updates we are minimising business interruption and unnecessary disruption to you, your business and your workforce.


Proactive Patch Management ensures that we apply these in a targeted, scheduled timeframe that aligns with your working patterns to minimise performance degradation.


Continued Support and Guidance

During your regular account management reviews, we will ensure that these differentiated patching schedules continue to match with your different business groups and custom requirements; ensuring your systems are as safe as possible from potential hacks or breaches.

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