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Take good care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you...

At Minster, we help you perfect the relationships you hold with your customers, whether maintaining existing relationships or establishing new ones.

Our Customer Relationship Management software is designed as an integrated end-to-end management platform which provides a full picture of the sales pipeline and your sales opportunities. Pegasus Opera 3 CRM software allows you to store client information, clearly broken down into definitive identifying categories, and simplify your sales processes on its
comprehensive and flexible platform.

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    Onboard new clients quickly and easily... converting Prospect records into Sales Ledger accounts for immediate invoicing or converting quotes to order, whilst continuing to log ongoing activity of existing customers for complete traceability of:




    Marketing Campaigns


    With the ability to determine opportunity and closure probability, you can more accurately forecast and report on the profitability and business potential of clients, enhancing your financial development of prospects, alongside your customer satisfaction and client retention.

    Access on the go – we understand the need to access your systems on the go, whether visiting clients or working remotely. Minster’s software is available via remote connection, allowing your team to access client information anywhere, any time.

    The flexibility of Opera 3 software enables you to integrate additional applications into your platform, with our award-winning team available to help you determine what your business requires. Service and Helpdesk Management is a perfect fit for CRM software - incorporating the management of contracts and equipment, project processing, billing and full Helpdesk processing alongside your CRM for full visibility of the sales process and beyond.

    Service and Helpdesk Management also integrates with:



    Internet/Intranet web forms for the swift entry of information integral to the post sales and service process


    CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM software is used by organisations to manage relationships with customers and potential customers on one digital platform; it also provides analytical insights to improve processes.

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