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With over 43 years of experience in IT partnerships and a proven track record of helping 546 SMEs, we have the expertise to support your business.

Our services include:

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    Managed IT Support Bewdley

    We are dedicated to delivering dependable and effective Managed IT Support services to our valued partners in Bewdley. Our team of skilled professionals recognises the critical role of technology in the success of any business, and we are devoted to delivering comprehensive support to guarantee the seamless operation of your IT systems.

    We offer a range of services, including strong security solutions, responsive issue resolution and routine system maintenance, to meet all your IT requirements, allowing you to concentrate on advancing your business.

    Friendly, Experienced IT Team

    With a collective experience of 263 years in the field, our IT support team possesses the expertise and technical skills to address any IT obstacle. We remain abreast of the newest technological developments to guarantee that our clients benefit from the most optimal and productive IT solutions available.

    Remote and Face-to-Face IT Support

    We not only provide on-site visits, but also convenient remote IT support. This means that you don't have to wait for a technician to physically come to your location to solve a problem; our professionals can securely access your systems remotely, enabling swift troubleshooting and resolution of issues without any delays.

    Fast and Effective IT Support in Bewdley

    Our committed support team is prepared to deliver swift solutions and efficient resolutions to your IT issues. We take pride in offering exceptional customer service including resolving network issues, enhancing server performance or recovering lost data. Our proficient customer-support staff are ready to tackle any IT concerns you may have.

    Bespoke IT Hardware Solutions

    Minster's award-winning IT team collaborates closely with you to create, integrate and oversee all aspects of your IT hardware. This includes everything from initial procurement to infrastructure support, ensuring your business has precisely what it needs for both short-term and long-term growth. We provide appropriate PCs, laptops and printers, as well as flexible infrastructure options such as on-premise servers, hybrid and cloud solutions.

    Fully Integrated Business Management Software

    We provide our customers with the most up-to-date software to support their evolving business needs. Pegasus software is tailor-made for small to medium-sized businesses, delivering user-friendly business management tools and analytical software for enhanced operational insight. Pegasus is the sole tool required to effectively manage all your business processes, offering a comprehensive solution for your company.

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