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Award-winning cyber products designed to actively protect your business.

At Minster we offer a wide range of tools to help keep your business safe from cyber-attacks so you can avoid costly disruption and downtime.

Our SentinelOne application is a next generation antivirus solution for endpoint detection and response – meaning it proactively learns and seeks out symptoms of malicious behaviour rather than solely identifying known malware file attributes, unlike Windows Defender.

Next generation antivirus builds upon traditional antivirus software for a more offensive line of attack – utilising predictive AI analytics to identify malware and malicious behaviour before it has the chance to compromise your network security.

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    Sentinel Mail Protect
    A comprehensive hosted anti-email threats application, including anti-spam/phishing/virus/ransomware/ and social engineering in real time, using a combination of collective threat intelligence and AI machine learning. With its email outage protection and access to emails during system downtime it’s designed to keep you up and running when your email systems aren’t.

    Sentinel Mail Archive
    Keeps deleted all your deleted emails safe so you can be sure that accidentally deleted emails can be easily retrieved, even if they were deleted years ago.

    Datasure Online Backup
    Allows for cloud backup and retrieval of important files, databases and emails, eliminating the need to rely on physical backup tapes or disks. Whether it is a single document, an important folder or a complete disaster recovery. Datasure ensures total peace of mind that your essential documents are secure. Datasure can further spin up your backed up server in the cloud, allowing for users to work from home, accessing their files as normal, in the event of a major local disaster.

    Sentinel System Monitor and Patch Management further applies 60 automatic health checks every 15 minutes to reduce downtime risks caused by cyber threats. This automated application ensures the latest security updates are applied, minimising the number of vulnerabilities available to hackers.

    Ensure your employees cannot access websites which could cause harm with Sentinel’s Web Protection, which allows you to control the sites which are most convenient for your workplace and PCs.

    Our service further includes managed Firewalls, complete with live security updates, to ensure any suspicious traffic is filtered from your network.


    There are many different types of cyber security threats, including viruses, spyware, ransomware, hacking, hardware-based attacks, and so on. 

    Threats can be largely categorised into malware (software designed to cause harm); ransomware (malware which requests a ransom for the return of access to systems or data); and phishing (an interaction which enables the stealing of sensitive information). 

    A range of cyber security products have been designed to protect businesses from these kinds of attacks.

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