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Having a robust, uninterrupted IT service has become even more critical to businesses over the past few years... your customers want more flexibility and quickly turnaround from you, whether you are providing a product as a manufacturer, a distributor or a retailer, or as professional service. Business continuity and high-availability are crucial for all businesses, so cloud-based solutions present the modern way of hosting your IT.

By making the move to an online service and cutting out the need for in-house IT with Minster’s cloud computing options, you can embrace and benefit from all the advantages that this brings to you and your business.


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    Cloud computing is the outsourced running, management and maintenance of your IT via the internet.

    With greater efficiency, protection, and real-time data on demand, cloud solutions offer twenty-first century businesses a scalable and affordable platform to grow, without the upfront investments of in-house IT. For these reasons and more, the cloud market is growing rapidly.

    In the ever-changing world of IT, it’s important to have a cloud-based solution that is delivered and managed by an expert in the field – and that’s where Minster comes in.

    Minster’s experienced team provide a complete hosted cloud computing and backup service:

    Managed email

    Data storage


    Secure managed offsite backup

    Access your email and important data files on the move with Microsoft 365 Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. Further, host meetings and work on documents collaboratively with your team and customers through this cloud-based system. Huge efficiencies can be gained from this technology, reducing multiple copies of the same files saved all over your system, and also allowing all relevant stakeholders to work simultaneously on documents and projects regardless of where they are located.

    Managed in our third-party UK data centre, our cloud-based hosted server environments seamlessly run your Business Management systems, ensuring they perform as required.

    We further utilise Pegasus Business Cloud, which offers remote access to your Pegasus Opera System from any location, enabling you to conduct business from a location convenient to you and your staff.

    Microsoft Azure provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service, allowing management of your IT systems and applications in the cloud. Azure is a flexible platform offering accessibility, high availability, security, scalability, and complete disaster recovery.

    Continuous cloud-based backup provides you with complete peace of mind that your data is being fully managed with automatic backup in a secure, offsite data centre. Not only will data be protected, but downtime is minimised in the event of any disruption or disaster. The cost to a business from downtime is higher than ever, so putting measures in place to minimise this is both sensible and cost-effective.

    We also provide cloud-based VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) telephone systems, which enable you to make and receive telephone calls anywhere, and on any device, increasing your mobility whilst reducing ongoing costs.


    Cloud solutions provide IT servers over the internet, rather than physical servers. Resources such as storage, databases, analytics, software, and intelligence are offered on demand, without these applications being run on a user’s own machine. Usually, you only have to pay for the services that you need - helping to save money and lower your operating costs.

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