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Meet customer demand and maximise your profit margins with complete stock traceability

Minster’s stock management software is designed to optimise your stock control with full visibility of inventory levels across your warehouse.

Our intuitive software allows you to improve order procurement with confidence, helping you to increase your profitability through strengthened customer relations, with total reassurance in fulfilling orders with easy access to real time stock availability.

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    Whether tracking stock across one warehouse or multiple locations, Minster can help you find the right software for your business and processing systems.

    Our expert team provides a complete support package to ensure you receive the best solution for all your warehousing requirements, including optimised management with the use of barcoding and hand-held scanners.

    Minster’s software has extensive reporting capabilities which helps you manage consumer and seasonal trends to capitalise on busier periods, whilst effectively managing stock during slower times.

    Further insight is available as to the most appropriate supplier based upon current lead times and prices for informed decision making.

    We utilise the award-winning Pegasus Opera 3 Stock Control for management of stock records, landed costs, purchase receipts, and reporting. This comprehensive platform is designed to help with more accurate stock take, purchasing requirements and manufacturing decisions, whilst maintaining flexibility and scalability to continue to support your business as it evolves.


    Stock management software, also known as inventory management, helps businesses track and manage their stock levels. The software automates tasks such as ordering new stock and maintaining existing stock, and can be integrated with accounting software also for updating financial information.

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