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Cyber Security Services

Disruption and loss of data can come at a huge cost to businesses – to your reputation, your finances, and, ultimately, to your feeling of security...

In recent years, we have seen a sharp rise in cyber-attacks and threats which are the cause of devastating effects and long-term effects for your business. The Minster team is here to protect you against this, ensuring your business does not fall victim to cyber security breaches.
Cyber security at its core is to protect the devices you use daily – smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers – the services accessed on IT networks and online from theft or damage.
To achieve this, Minster has a dedicated team of Cyber Security experts who are on hand to offer guidance on preventing attacks, and a fast response should the worst happen.

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    Protect your business with the latest next-generation technology...

    With an end point detection and response system that actively learn malicious behaviour. Minster provides an expansive cyber security service to protect all areas of your business.  

    Our team offers proactive remote monitoring and patch management of servers and end points(your devices), ensuring you are running the latest security updates. 

    We manage Firewalls with ongoing live security updates to ensure your network traffic is secure, alongside threat detection across the entirety of your network. Penetration testing is also available to assess for vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses within your systems before a hacker does. 

    Our Cyber Essentials consultancy and training is also offered for clients who are interested in gaining their Cyber Essentials certification, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to protect your business. 

    Did you know…?

    Over a third of attacks are caused by phishing scams and more than 90% of cybercrime incidents resulted from end user mistakes - by opening suspicious emails that haven’t been filtered and visiting unsafe websites not blocked by your firewall.

    Large scale attacks on prominent establishments are not uncommon, with the NHS and Amazon being attacked over the past few years.


    Cyber security services help to protect businesses from unwarranted use of electronic data, including malware, ransomware, phishing, and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). Cyber security services implement a range of measures to protect against this, as well as other security threats such as human error, unsecured cloud storage, and internal criminal activity.

    Services include encryption, data loss prevention, access management, firewalls, anti-virus software and web filtering to prevent data breaches.

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