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Generate reports at the click of a button for fast and easy data analysis in a format familiar to you...

Reporting on and analysing data is an essential part of your business’ success as it leads to better decision-making to increase efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability. Your reporting software should save you time by automating manual tasks, whilst producing accurate reports for greater insight into your operations.

Minster’s award-winning team are here to ensure this is the case from the start, to ensure you have the appropriate reports in place to give you a real-time snapshot of your KPIs and business position across all departments or divisions.

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    Minster’s comprehensive support package ensures that we are here to scope, train and deliver all of your business’ reporting and analytical requirements.

    With our dedicated account managers working with you, we ensure you are always receiving the best value and functionality from your system. As your business grows your reporting and analytics can scale and adapt alongside your business needs.

    Our reporting software enables you to view your information in a multitude of formats, such as dashboards, onscreen views and by seamless integration with:

    Microsoft Excel

    Power BI

    Crystal Reports

    Direct querying via SQL

    One of Minster’s most popular reporting solutions is Pegasus XRL, which is an award-winning business intelligence tool that does just this. Appearing as an additional menu item in Microsoft Excel, XRL pulls live data held within Opera 3 to generate analytics on a familiar and diverse platform. XRL gives users the ability to interrogate fields and drill down into the transactions behind them without the need to consult Opera 3.


    Reporting software gathers current data surrounding business activities for specific divisions of a business operation in an easy to-understand format. This information, presented in the form of a report such as dashboards, is then analysed to help businesses understand their data results.

    Analytics provide insight into the data which allows a business to further improve their operations such as productivity or efficiency.

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