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Cyber Security

We are active in our mission to find the right anti-virus solution for various types of businesses. An attack on your business can have profound implications for your employees, customers and suppliers. If you are responsible for the purchase of anti-virus products, we strongly recommend you speak to Minster to discuss the right product for you and how you can further educate your users to eliminate any further risk.

Minster’s Sentinel System Care has all the tools to take care of your computer system including a managed anti-virus engine which monitors, manages, reports and automatically fixes threats with quick, customisable scans in real time.



Sentinel is our latest set of tools for pro-active remote monitoring which provides automated care of your computer system. The tools currently on offer are; System-Monitor, Mail-Catcher and Mail-Archive and Online-Backup.

Consider this as preventative maintenance for your computer system; as our engineers not only get notified the minute you have a problem, but we are also notified of any potential problems that may arise.

Sentinel Risk Intelligence

A unique dashboard that allows you to run a quick and easy scan of your server or workstation to give detailed, easy to read reports. This will highlight how compromised your business is regarding the sensitive data kept on your network.

Sentinel Mail Catcher

Sentinel Mail Catcher is our comprehensive hosted anti-spam, email security and continuity service. It provides three key services for you; email outage protection, access to emails during system downtime and spam filtering.

Sentinel Website Filter

Sentinel Web Filter limits access to websites that could potentially harm your computer and allows you to control the sites that are most convenient for your workplace and PC.

Sentinel Online Backup

Sentinel Online-Backup allows you to backup and retrieve all your important files, databases and emails safely; eliminating the need to rely solely on backup tapes or disks.

Cyber Security Team

We have a team of dedicated Cyber Security experts who are always on hand to offer guidance to help prevent an attack but also the very best support should the worst happen. Click on the link below to contact us. 

Sentinel System Monitor

Sentinel System-Monitor runs 60 automatic health checks every 15 minutes reducing the risk of downtime.

Sentinel Mail Archive

Sentinel Mail-Archive is an email archiving software that solves your email management and storage problems on an Exchange Server. Never lose an email again!

Sentinel Bitdefender

Minster’s managed antivirus engine monitors, manages, reports and automatically fixes threats with quick, customisable scans in real time.

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