Cyber Security

For twenty-first century businesses, it is critical your devices are protected from harm to protect and preserve important internal company data along with your customers data – and your reputation.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. With that comes corruption and denial of access to your data by malicious attacks from viruses and ransomware which would potentially have devastating effects and long-term impact on your business.

Many insurers are now insisting that you can evidence the active steps and measures you have in place to minimise cyber criminals accessing your IT system before they will even provide a quote to you for cyber-insurance (you need to check your policy as it isn’t usually included as standard by your insurers).

Minster’s award-winning service and fully accredited team can provide a complete cyber security audit and service.

With the latest products we can provide you and your staff with training in cyber hygiene and guidance regarding best practice. Our cyber security consultants will ensure your business is protected from all types of cyber threats.

Our expert team will work closely with you to integrate reliable products which actively monitor, learn, and respond to any cyber threats across all aspects of your business’s devices, including PCs, laptops, and smart devices. We further provide remote monitoring and management, which is met with a fast response should your business fall under attack from a cyber threat.

From our Kidderminster offices, we work with a range of SMEs across the West Midlands and surrounding counties to provide our cyber security services, ensuring that your business operations have reduced risk of downtime through reducing the risk of attack.

Cyber Essentials

Having a Cyber Essentials audits, end user training and certification via IASME to demonstrate your business’ commitment to cyber security is available through our fully accredited service. Many insurers now request customers are Cyber Essentials certified plus larger corporations who require this before they will consider adding you to their approved vendor list or allow you to submit tenders for work.

Cyber Products

A comprehensive SentinelOne end point detection and response package which actively learns, monitors and protects your devices, email systems plus system and user backups. As well as patch management for cyber threats and system vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Services

Reliable endpoint detection and response software, expertly manages through swift remote monitoring.

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