Cyber Security

Cyber Essentials

Gaining your Cyber Essentials certification means you’re better equipped to protect your business from cyber attack... 

...and demonstrate your cyber security to partners and clients.

More and more organisations are required to undertake Cyber Essentials because of the sector they operate within or the service they supply. Businesses handling sensitive information benefit from undertaking this Government-backed scheme and being able to demonstrate their awareness of cybercrime and how to protect their business against it.

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    Minster are fully Cyber Essentials certified, and have worked with many of our customers to help them undertake this scheme and become accredited.

    We provide:

    Cyber Essentials Certification consultancy and workshops: participate in hands-on training with our accredited team in preparation for your final assessment.  

    Cyber Security training: become informed about cyber security to help better protect your business. 

    Vulnerability and penetration testing 

    Best practise reports: benefit from best practise reports designed to keep you and your business safe. 

    During your Cyber Essentials training with Minster’s expert team, you can expect to be taken through a thorough consultancy and workshop process, gaining access to your Cyber Security portal to help manage your training.

    Following the completion of your training, you will then be required to take a self-assessment questionnaire, and if successful, you will be awarded a Cyber Essentials Certification.



    Cyber Essentials is a certification that businesses can gain which helps to protect them against the threat of cyber-attacks. The UK Government has backed this scheme and it is developed and operated by the National Cyber Security Centre. The objective is to create a safer internet space for all organisations across all sectors.

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