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Pegasus Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 offers SMEs a complete integrated business management tool to help refine your internal processes.

With powerful reporting capabilities, Pegasus Opera 3 allows for full visibility into all areas of your business, drilling down into operations for greater agency and more informed decision making.

This award-winning software provides customers with the flexibility, reliability, and scalability they require, with software available to manage all areas of your business as it grows and changes.

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    Streamline your decision-making processes and reporting capabilities across:


    Payroll & HR

    Customer Relationship Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Business Intelligence

    Customise your software to meet the needs of your business, with Pegasus’s modular software meaning you can integrate and utilise as many applications as you require throughout your business and can build upon this platform over time.

    Pegasus Opera 3 is available on premise, hosted or via Pegasus’s own dedicated Business Cloud, allowing you to access your software both in-house and on the go, so that you can work from anywhere.

    Better still, HMRC has listed Pegasus Opera 3 as a VAT compatible product so you can have total confidence in Opera 3's capacity to support the growth of your business.

    Whether you’re making the move to Pegasus Software, or are looking for ongoing support, the Minster team can provide full management. Our knowledgeable and experienced team offer fast onsite and remote response, helping you make the most out of your business management software.

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    Opera Pegasus 3 FAQs

    Pegasus Opera 3 is a business management and accounting software. It consolidates typically separate systems for finance, payroll, CRM (customer relationship management) and supply chain, for a simple and efficient software.

    The software can be integrated into the business and further expanded as the business grows.

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