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Origin Story

Darklake Developments began alongside a leading business software provider in the South West of England. Due to the nature of client's company structures and processes it was soon recognised that standard business software was not always sufficient to run a business to it's maximum efficiency.

Darklake Developments was formed to provide software for all business sectors throughout the UK, from simple add-on modules to comprehensive bespoke packages where a "vanilla offering" wasn't sufficient. Most of the software integrates seamlessly with Pegasus and Sage, or can stand-alone or integrate with other bespoke solutions.

In January 2024, the software licences, intellectual property (IPR) and the development team from Darklake Developments became part of Minster Micro Computers Limited. 

Minster already provide bespoke products and solutions for our client's, so acquiring the Darklake product portfolio and bringing the existing team into our own aligned perfectly.

The Darklake product portfolio strengthens Minster's current offering, and has expanded our development team to allow us to create and adapt even more innovative solutions.


How We Work

To provide the right solution we will  spend time with you to understand your business processes and your needs. This will allow us to create a comprehensive, fully integrated system for you.


  • Consultancy, to understand your business requirements.
  • Design specification, tailored for your business.
  • Implementation, installation and training.
  • Annual maintenance to ensure compliance with legislation and latest operating systems.
  • On-going support.
  • Account management.

Our Recommended Products

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Rapid Order And Distribution System

ROADS and ROADS Lite Rapid Order And Distribution Systems.

They provide you with the power and flexibility to cope with the demands of an intensive telesales, order processing and distribution process within your business.



Order Processing Utility System

The order processing utility solutions (OPUS) has been designed and developed to assist any Pegasus Opera 3 or Opera SE users whenever they are processing sales or purchase orders.

The OPUS suite of applications consists of multiple modules:

  • Sales & Purchase Order History
  • Copy Quote
  • Multiple SOP Pricing
  • POP Reporting
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • SOP Warnings.

Each of these can be purchased separately, but together they provide a powerful combination of new features and functionality.

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Auto Enrolment Data Export

We have been working with various pension providers to make Auto Enrolment as simple as possible for its Pegasus Opera 3 and Opera SE payroll users.

We have developed a number of data exports from a single payroll utility solution including NEST, NOW Pensions, Peoples Pension plus all the proprietary pension providers.

We can also provide an extended licence for those user operating a Payroll Bureau service.

Save Time

Our specialist software provides businesses with a way to save time with applications and methods.

Full Integration

Our software is designed to integrate with your existing business system creating smooth activity at all times.

Experienced Support

Our team of product consultants provide extensive support to ensure your system runs efficiently

    Speak to the experts that put your business first

    We know that your IT solution needs to have room for both flexibility and potential growth so our dedicated team provide pre and post sales consultancy to find out just what your business wants and do our best to keep your solution cost-effective and efficient.

    Reseller Area Available

    Visit our reseller hub for marketing material and software downloads.

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