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Become untethered from your phone lines and experience complete freedom with VoIP telephony

Our VoIP telephony systems are designed to remove the traditional fixed telephone lines utilised in commercial and industrial spaces, allowing you to make and receive calls via a cloud system on your office handset, an app on your mobile phone, or even via your PC and laptop. This means specific hardware is not required, and you can make the most of being mobile with a phone system which can be accessed from anywhere.

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    Minster provides integration and ongoing management of VoIP Telephony – Voice over Internet Protocol.


    With the rise of remote working, the Minster team have found VoIP offers many benefits to clients by reducing ongoing phone call costs and reducing traffic through your IP address.

    However, we will always offer you impartial and professional advice as to whether VoIP is the right system for your business.

    We utilise 3CX for our cloud-based VoIP telephony, compatible with smartphone and Mac/ Windows laptops. This enables users to access their office extensions to make and receive calls, with calls to the office completely free-of-charge.

    Those working away from the office benefit from working from their own single, professional number which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones as extensions. This can further integrate with popular CRM systems to utilise customer names rather than numbers.

    3CX further features an intuitive web-based PBX console, making configuration, updates and back-ups simple, whilst eliminating expensive telecom consultants.

    3CX leverages Windows technologies – offering easy-to-build voice applications with features such as:

    Conference call and desktop call control

    Status setting


    Call queuing and more... 

    The Windows dashboard unifies communications with Presence, Fax & Voice Mail to email, web conferencing and instant messaging.


    VoIP is also known as Voice over Internet Protocol. This allows phone and video calls to be made and received over the internet instead of a traditional landline. Some examples of VoIP include WhatsApp and Skype.

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