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Ensure your ordering process is as productive as it can be, for your sales team staff and customers alike, with Minster’s quick and easy order processing software, which expertly guides you from quotation to invoicing.

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    Sales Order Processing

    We understand a transparent and straightforward order process is key to increasing your sales capabilities, and our software is designed with this in mind - for all types of businesses.

    With Minster’s sales order processing software, you have the ability to process sales quotes to orders and invoice, with full visibility of previous sales and product sale prices, as well as your current stock levels. Immediate access to this data ensures your sales team is equipped to make informed decisions in response to customers’ needs.

    Make sales conversions with one click, or edit orders on the fly - Minster’s software is completely flexible, with the ability to set up a range of customer special prices and product discounts, even those contingent on limited time periods.

    This can be done in conjunction with sales order reporting, allowing for easy-to-read reports concerning orders received but not yet despatched, along with orders despatched but not yet invoiced.

    Purchase Order Processing

    The purchase order processing capabilities of Minster’s software allows for complete organisation when it comes to maintaining, and budgeting for, product and stock levels.

    Minster’s software enables you to match purchase invoices against the purchase order to ensure total accuracy, along with purchase order and invoice authorisation routines to make certain suppliers’ invoices are held under query or released and approved for payment.

    Stay ahead of surprise shortages by adding any product or stock shortages to a handy shopping list, following the processing of full back-to-back ordering.

    Our purchase order processing software further provides invaluable insight regarding your suppliers. You can build a comparative catalogue of the best price and lead times for relevant suppliers, with the ability to categorise and rate suppliers, allowing easy access to your preferred suppliers.

    A complete view of your procurement costs, alongside supplier insight, ensures Minster’s clients are provided with an intuitive platform structured around invaluable time and cost efficiency, with the ability to better negotiate volume discounts for further savings.


    Order processing software can control the workflow of an order being placed with businesses such as stockists, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and more. This refers to 3 elements: picking, packing and purchasing. It is used in conjunction with customer service, (such as track orders).

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