International Women’s Day 2023

To mark International Women’s Day 2023, this year we are once again placing the spotlight firmly on the inspirational women here at Minster.

A big theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is about calling out inequality, celebrating the achievements of women, and increasing their visibility.

So with those themes in mind, we sat down to catch up with the team to ask them about what equality really means to them, how it can be encouraged, and the part they play.

Read on and find out what they had to say.


Susan Marlow, Managing Director


Hi Susan, it’s great to be kicking off this year’s feature with the boss! To start us off, tell us how long you’ve worked at Minster Micro?

I’ve been here for 35 years now, which really does make me sound and feel VERY old! I still absolutely love what I do, and I am very conscious of the impact that being a woman in a senior positon has as a role model for the women I work with (staff, customers and suppliers alike). I think it's extremely important to be a champion and ambassador for women in IT and engineering as well.

What does equality mean to you?

For me equality is all about treating everyone with respect and showing kindness. People should never be treated differently because they are older, younger, a different gender, culture or race. I try to always treat others the way I want to be treated in return. It's really important to walk in others shoes so that you can understand their challenges and do something to help them if you can.

And what part do you think we can all play to embrace and raise awareness?

I think it’s vital that we consistently celebrate our wins publicly as that makes people sit up and take notice. It’s also about dealing with the things which aren’t going so well in private, but with empathy and understanding. Sometimes people behave in a particular way because they don’t know it’s not the right or the best way to do things; we need to encourage them and make them aware so they can make changes in their behaviour.

And finally, how would you encourage this in your role as a leader here at Minster Micro?

As managing director, my role is to be a positive role model, encourage those around me to embrace their differences, and celebrate the diverse nature of us all.  We're all totally different here at Minster apart from we share something super important; our Values. We value each other, others around us and also ourselves We don’t tolerate bigotry in any form.

Victoria Slinger, Finance Assistant

Hi Victoria, the first question is an easy one! How long have you worked at Minster?

I joined Minster four-and-a-half years ago and I’m still loving it., It’s a wonderful team.

What does equality mean to you?

I think it’s about ensuring that everybody has the same chances and opportunities to learn and develop. If you work for it, you can certainly achieve it. 

And what part do you think we can all play to embrace and raise awareness of equality?

We can do that by being positive and treating others no matter their background, age, gender, race or colour, with the respect we would want to be treated with. It’s also about encouraging and supporting others when they have been successful and making sure they shout about their progress.

And lastly, how do you think we can encourage that more than we do now?

It’s really making sure that the next generation do not grow up with prejudices from generations before them.

Personally, as I have three children, two boys and my youngest is a girl. I think it is so important they see everyone as equal and able to achieve whatever they wish as long they work for it.

I believe it’s so important that my daughter sees me working and doesn’t see any boundaries in what she wants to do.  I don’t want her thinking she can’t do something because she is a girl, hence her love of rock climbing, football and tag rugby!  I also think it’s important, maybe even more so that my boys see this as well and have no preconception that women are not equal.


Sue Parkes, Administrator


Hi Sue, can you start by telling us how long you’ve been at Minster?

I started at Minster 14 years ago in 2009. Those 14 years have flown by but you don’t really notice as the business has such a family feel. It’s a special place.

So what would you say equality means to you?

I guess many will say this, but it’s so true, to treat everyone equally as you would like to be treated.

And what part do you think can we all play to embrace and raise awareness?

People must work as a team. Encourage one another and shout about all the great things we do to celebrate diversity. That can make a real difference.

And finally, how do you think we encourage that greater awareness?

I think by supporting people that have not worked at Minster for as long as me. Also listening if people have any issues both, work-related or personal. That can go a long way.

Karan Harris, Contracts Manager

Hi Karan. Lovely to see you. For this short piece on International Women’s Day, can we start with you telling us how long you’ve worked here at Minster?

Can you believe I have been at Minster for over 20 years now! I count myself very fortunate, especially in this day and age, to work at such a great place with the most amazing and supportive people. It’s a real pleasure to come to work every day.

Can you perhaps tell us what equality means to you?  

To me it means to treat everyone equally, each and every time. However, we all know it doesn’t happen in many walks of life, but as western women we can only educate our children and those around us and hope that they in turn treat their fellow colleagues and friends equally well into the future. I think ensuring that young people follow our lead is vital.

And lastly what part do you think can we all play to embrace and raise awareness about equality? And also, as we’ve asked others, how do we encourage that?

I think we all have a massive part to play. We should start by considering what it’s like to walk in other people’s shoes and trying to put ourselves in their situations to learn more about their specific experiences. But also I think it’s vital to remind ourselves (and others)  to do more to encourage an old proverb, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

You can’t go wrong if you live your life with that philosophy!


Danielle Laurent, Sales and Contracts Administrator

DL Personal

Hi Danielle, it’s great to have you here to talk about International Women’s Day. Can we start by covering how long you’ve been at Minster?

Hi, yes, I have worked at Minster since November 2019, so almost three-and-a-half years now.

Can I ask, what does equality mean to you personally?

To me, there are two elements to equality.  One is about opportunity, meaning that race, sexual orientation or identity and gender are not barriers to what you can achieve, or have access to. The other is about how you can expect to be treated.  Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect regardless of how they look or what their gender is.

What part do you think we can all play to embrace and raise awareness of equality?

I think it is important to speak up when we see instances of inequality.

I also think it is important to champion others.  There is enough proverbial pie for everyone so we should encourage everyone’s growth and expansion.

And last but not least, how do you think we can encourage that and get to a better position?

Each of us have the power to effect change through our daily actions and in our interactions with others.

This can include something as simple as a kind word of encouragement to someone struggling.  It can also be about signing a petition and trying to bring about legislative changes.

Women and children make up the majority of low paid workers in garment factories so seeking out ethical brands that pay living wages can help to support these businesses as well as send a message that equality is deserved by all.

Deb Parton, Business Development Manager

Hi Deborah , thanks for taking part in International Women’s Day, can I ask how long have you worked at Minster?

I actually joined Minster just 5 days ago and am already feeling very welcomed.

What does equality mean to you?

I think it’s about everybody having the same opportunities in life - if you want them, go out and grab them.

And what part do you think we can all play to embrace and raise awareness of equality?

Treating each other with respect no matter what age, gender, race, everyone should be able to express who they are in their own way and supporting each other.

And lastly, how do you think we can encourage that?

No matter what age we are life has changed in many ways and we must except that the younger generation are not like when I was a child.  Example my niece has become gender neutral, and we need to work with people who want to express who they are and trying to find out what they want in life.  Everyone is human with feelings. Some people are more sensitive that others and need encouraging and support. Let’s all work together as life is so short.

DP LI Resized

Amy Mobbs, Senior Account Manager

AM LI Resized

Hi Amy, you are last up in our quick International Women’s Day Q&A for this year. To start off, as we’ve asked everyone else, can you tell us how long have you worked at Minster?

I’ve been here a while! I joined Minster 19 years ago in 2004. I feel very fortunate to have progressed in my career at Minster to be where I am today. I am proud to be a part of the Minster family.

Equality means different things to different people. But what does it mean to you?

Equality to me is to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity and to treat everyone with respect. We also need to support each other to reach our full potential.

Do you think we can all play a bigger part to embrace and raise awareness of equality?

I always look for the positive in any situation and consider myself the same as the next person. I believe how we personally respond to situations effects the outcome, if you strive to take every opportunity, win or fail, allows you to empathise and support our peers in their own situations.

And one final questions, how do you think we can encourage that awareness?

I think it’s to be the change in a negative situation and don’t allow the negative words to be spoken about our diverse race. It is normal to be different and this should be celebrated.

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