Minster’s Tech Tip of the Month – December

Test the strength of your passwords!

We know that we go on about the importance of cyber security… but one of the easiest ways to contribute to your data protection is using a strong password.

You will have read that the more characters the better, add some numbers and maybe a '#' and you're safe! However, the name of your pet with 12345# afterwards isn’t exactly high security!

Testing the strength of your passwords doesn’t need to be a Morse code operation! There are plenty of free tools online that can help you to decipher whether your password is strong enough.

The best way to ensure you have a strong password is the use of a generator such as: PS

As you can see, you can select the length of the password as well as the inclusion of numbers, symbols, upper- and lower-case characters, etc. You then simply click ‘generate password’ and the site will give you a randomly generated password – as well as ways to try and remember it!!

For more cyber security information head over to the Minster YouTube channel or Give our team a call to see how we can help you to secure your systems!

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