Minster’s Tech Tip of the Month – November

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Getting approvals on any documentation or decision is incredibly important within any business. Whether that be a verbal conversation that needs to be documented, a sales quote, a piece of marketing literature or anything in between.

Rather than waiting around for colleagues to be available or a game of (what seems never-ending) email tennis – why not use the approvals feature within Microsoft teams?!

Microsoft Teams approvals allow you to create, manage and share content within the platform, allowing for a streamlined and time saving approach to your company operations.

The feature allows you to create an ‘approval flow’ within a team or individual chat. You then have the ability to add a name to your request, add details such as the approval type, attach files and select the approver within your organisation.

A notification is then sent to the approver through Microsoft Teams, in which they can then view, edit and approve the document. You will then receive a further notification once the request has been approved.

As simple as that!

View the video here.

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