Opera 3 SQL SE


Start here. Go anywhere.

Opera 3 SQL SE is a solution for small and medium companies, with the power to help them aim much higher. It’s designed with the everyday business needs in mind and is built on powerful Microsoft technologies taking efficiency and security to another level.


Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE

Opera 3 SQL SE is built on the latest Microsoft technologies.
This way you know it can continue to support you well into the future.
A solution that’s easy to customise, your system will be ready for today’s challenges,
whilst giving you the peace of mind that it will also continue to grow with you.

Better Decisions... Faster!

Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE applications are designed to eliminate manual processes, integrate directly with Excel spreadsheets, and give you easy access to the information you need to steer your business. You’ll dramatically reduce the time spent searching for information, and spend more time acting on it.

An Integrated Solution

Gain total visibility and control of your business. Manage multiple companies and multiple currencies, and access key insights and reporting that links directly to Excel, for a unified view of the business. The way that Opera 3 SQL SE delivers the required information at the right time allows for fully informed decision-making.

Fast-track Financials

Financials are the core to any business, whatever its size. With Opera 3 SQL SE you can continually track your revenues, as well as what’s owed and when it’s due. Equally importantly, it reminds you who you owe to, and when it has to be paid. This visibility of your cashflow will be invaluable for your
profit generation.

Adapt To Change

We know that every business has individual requirements and particular challenges, and that these can change over time. So with Opera 3 SQL SE, you can deploy the applications you need when you need them, and go on to expand the solution as your business grows. What’s more, each
application has options that allow you to tailor how your software works to your own requirements.
It’s all about flexibility.

Customisation To Suit

Opera 3 SQL SE has been designed to be totally customisable. The Pegasus Solutions Marketplace programme brings you add-on applications from accredited Pegasus Developers. We make it simple to make modifications or to add more features, to make your system perfectly match your

Minster Expertise

Supported by our highly skilled Pegasus team, Opera 3 SQL SE gives you the best in delivery, implementation and support, to fit your specific needs. The result? You’ll have more time to focus on the business itself. Opera 3 SQL SE is your one-stop shop for all the tools and resources you need to run your business.


The power of Opera 3 SQL SE at your fingertips…

Whether your business is in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, transport, service or education through to construction, engineering, charitable or any other area, Pegasus provides the tools to improve the way everyone in your organisation works.

  • Microsoft .net and SQL Server technologies for security, power and reliability.
  • All the tools you need to see a positive impact on your cash-flow.
  • Error correction tools for correcting simple mistakes.
  • Credit Management for keeping an eye on customer debts and taking action when you need to.
  • Your supplier transactions are thoroughly and securely managed and you have total visibility of your commitments.
  • Detailed, multi-level analysis of your finances.
  • Create your own views of your business data with drill-down, create charts and export it to
    Microsoft Excel.
  • Submit your VAT Returns electronically to HMRC.
  • Repeat invoicing for contract sales invoices.
  • Scheduling of many tasks for a time to suit you.
  • All the benefits of advanced technology are blended with intuitive design and ease of use to enhance the user experience, from hassle-free deployment to everyday use.
  • Customisable ribbon bar for easy navigation.

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