Supporting Security: Why a Cyber Essentials Certification Alone isn’t Enough

In an era dominated by cyber threats, businesses are increasingly turning to the Cyber Essentials Certification to defend themselves against common cyber threats - a cornerstone in many UK businesses’ security strategies. However, is relying solely on this certification alone sufficient enough?

The Role of Cyber Essentials Certification

A Cyber Essentials Certification is part of the UK government’s National Cyber Security Strategy designed to help businesses in the UK improve their cybersecurity and demonstrate commitment to safeguarding against common online threats.

The Cyber Essentials Certification covers five key areas:

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  1. Firewall Configuration: Ensuring that all internet-connected devices possess configured firewalls, to protect against unauthorised access and potential cyber intrusions.

  2. Secure Configuration: Implementing secure settings for hardware and software to proactively increases defence against vulnerabilities and reduce risk of an intrusion.

  3. User Access Control: Managing user accounts effectively to ensure that only authorised individuals have access to the systems and data that they need.

  4. Malware Protection: Implementing measures to defend against malware, including using antivirus software and regularly updating virus definitions.

  5. Patch Management: Ensuring that software and systems are up to date with the latest security patches to address known vulnerabilities.

Organisations can choose to pursue either the basic Cyber Essentials certification or the more advanced Cyber Essentials Plus certification which involves a more rigorous assessment, including vulnerability testing and an on-site audit, providing a higher level of assurance.

At Minster we offer both consultancy and training for clients who are interested in gaining the certification, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to protect your business.


The certification undeniably plays an important role in establishing a baseline for cybersecurity, however, it also has limitations:

False Sense Of Security

Relying solely on a single certification will breed complacency within your business. Businesses are likely to fall into the trap of assuming they are fully protected just by having this one certification, neglecting ongoing vigilance and improvement.

While the Cyber Essentials Certification provides your business with a solid foundation, it should only be viewed as the start of protecting your cybersecurity rather than the end. Businesses must embrace a dynamic, multi-layered strategy that extends solely beyond the certification.

Dynamic Threat Landscape

Cyber threats are evolving. A static certification will struggle to keep in pace of the changing world. Your business will need continuous adaptation and proactive measures to stay in front of emerging risks.


Building a Resilient Defence

To fortify your defence, accompany Cyber Essentials with more advanced certificates or even a cybersecurity vulnerability audit to check for exposures within your business. Human error still remains the largest security risk to any business, so taking your staff through training and awareness programs are an essential way to build a resilient human firewall.

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Limited Scope

While the Cyber Essentials Certification focus on fundamental cybersecurity practices are undeniably vital, it's important to recognise that these practices will not encompass the entirety of potential vulnerabilities specific to a business's unique operations.


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Here at Minster, we provide you an expansive cyber security service to proactively protect every area of your business. We offer remote monitoring and patch management of servers and end points, making sure you have the latest security features and updates. Our expertise also extends to managing firewalls with ongoing live security updates, guaranteeing secure network traffic and robust threat detection.

Our cyber products and services are carefully selected and pressure-tested to help keep your business safe from cyber-attacks, such as our next generation SentinelOne endpoint detection and response application which proactively seeks out symptoms of malicious behaviour rather than solely identifying known malware file attributes, like how Windows Defender would. 

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