VOIP Phone Systems: Why choose 3CX?

A cloud-based phone system, such as 3CX, allows for unified communications throughout your entire business.

There are a multitude of benefits to using a 3CX VOIP system within your workplace, including the opportunity to dramatically reduce traffic through your IP address. The system enables all users to work from anywhere, at any time! This allows for remote working within the business as the system does not require any specific hardware; users can connect via any telephony device, as well as apps available to PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

In addition to the obvious savings that can be made when switching from a traditional phone system to an IP PBX system by cutting individual call costs, 3CX is competitively priced and cost effective due to its incredibly low annual license price. Furthermore, this system allows room for company growth at no expense as there is no further charge for adding user extensions!

3CX’s quick and easy installation process, followed by a simple day to day management system, allows for savings in both time and hassle. Not only does 3CX make running a VOIP system easy in terms of upgrades, security and scalability, but its management interface is user-friendly, enabling a business to adapt any of its features to suit their individual needs.

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